Roger's Springhill Auction
About Us
Since 1991, Roger's Springhill Auction has been conducting General Merchandise Live Auctions most Saturday nights.  We are a very modest little country auction proud to serve as agents for the sale of various general merchandise items presented to us through direct consignment, merchandise dealers, estate liquidations, and individuals who have booked in to our sales.

Here at Roger's Springhill Auction, we do things a little different than most auctions.

We always begin our auctions with a prayer to our Creator, asking for his blessings and guidance over our auction sale and that our customers be blessed and granted a safe trip home following the sale.  We are in no way attempting to convert anyone into christianty but simply wish to exercise our belief.  Should you find that this may be offensive to you, we suggest that you leave the auction gallery during this period.

Our regular Auctions are conducted with price reserves on most items being sold.  This means that the dealer selling an item has the descression to "sell" or "not to sell" the item dependant upon the bid value.  We have found that this formula works really well for both the dealer and the buyer because of the following:.
Our dealers are required to do everything possible to ensure that the items they are selling are of good quality, in good repair, and will be a benefit to the buyer while still maintaining a fair price to the buyers and dealers alike.

Our dealers are required to warrent or gurantee all electrical or mechanical items sold for a period of seven days to ensure our customers satisfaction.  If any such item sold does not meet the customers expectations, they may return it by the next Saturday for a full refund of the selling price. No Questions Ask.  This allows our customers to bid freely, knowing that those items being sold are covered by the warrenty period. 

If a dealer does not wish to gurantee an item, this item must be announced as being sold "AS IS" at the time of the sale and the sale will be recorded on your receipt as Sold AS IS. (These items will not have a reserve bid amount)

Should you buy an item and after closer inspection discover that the item was mis-represented by the dealer, ie.. cracked; chipped; broken; missing parts; may return the item to the dealer who sold it and have the sale removed from your transaction record.  This action must be taken during the same live auction sale.  Please take the time to inspect your items immediately following your purchase to ensure that the item meets your expectations

Another important difference is that We Never Charge A Buyers Premium.  This means that the price you bid is the price you pay.  We can find no benefit in charging our customers an additional fee for buying the items they want or need.

Prior to each live auction, the Gallery Doors are opened to allow customers a chance to view the items which will be sold.  Doors are typically open at 5:00 P.M. unless as specified for a different time on special sale occasions.

Raffle tickets are sold prior to the start of each sale for a Cash Jackpot and an Auction Poker.  Winning tickets for each drawing will be drawn at the beginning of the auction by randomly selected children attending the auction. Cash Jackpot varies each week but will always be equal to the total amount collected from ticket sales less 15% commission.   Auction Poker consist of a pre-selected item from each dealer which is placed onto the Auction Poker Table.  Winning ticket holder receives his or her choice of the selected items and the dealer providing the item will receive the total amount of ticket sales less 10% commission.

Our auction provides a fully certified and licensed Food Concessions which serve a choice of Dinner Specials, Fried Fish Plates, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, French Fries, Chili Fries, Nachoes and Cheese, Popcorn, Pickles, and a variety of contiments.  Drinks include Sodas, Tea, Water, and Coffee.  Candy Bars, Pies, Cake, Ice Cream products are offered for desserts when avalilable.

We Invite you to come join us for a night filled with plenty of fantastic auction action which is entertaining and loaded with lots of fun.
Here at Roger's Springhill Auction, you will be welcomed and made to feel right at home. It is our desire that when you leave our little auction, you will want to come again and again and that you are happy with every single purchase.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our little country auction.
Hope to see you there.

Roger and Ann Davis - Owners